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First Time in 26 Years

Coronado’s Historic “Baby Del” Victorian For Sale

SeaSide Living with white sandy beach and 360 degree views including San Diego City skyline

55 feet tall

Tallest house on the island

1/2 Acre

One of the eight largest home lots on the island


7 bedrooms   ●  6.5 bathrooms

5,196-sqft Main House + Basement + Wine Cellar + 3 Guesthouses  + Garage


Sold Price: $15,927,400

first day aerial photo-2.jpg
aerial photo-9.jpg

The Baby Del

Aka The Livingston House

Built in 1887, the Livingston House was moved on land and barge in 1983 to Coronado from the Sherman Heights neighborhood of San Diego and has been lovingly restored and enjoyed during the two owners since it’s relocation steps to the romantic white sand beach.

When Mrs. Harriett Livingston built this work of Art at a reported cost of $5000; it perched on 24th and J Streets in San Diego. It later became a boarding house. Legend has it that many of the home’s construction workers put their skills to use the very next year on building the second largest wooden structure in The United States, The Hotel Del Coronado.

The late Coronado-based architect Christopher Mortenson, who was a leader in the revitalization of the historic Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego, bought the house in 1979. He moved it to Coronado on trucks and a barge in 1983, and lived in it with his family until 1995. The home was acquired by its current owner in 1995 and has  lived and loved it ever since. Thus the home has not been for sale for 26 years and is a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

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